10 Business Security tips for the New Years

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Follow these 10 security tips to provide a safe, secure and hassle free New Year.

  1. Never open or close alone.
  2. Conduct criminal background checks on employees, particularly the temporary and part-timers hired for the holidays.
  3. Check that all locks, alarms, cameras, video recorders, and alarms are tested and working properly.
  4. Leave the parking lots on all night during the holiday season or set timers at least one hour after employees are scheduled to be leaving the premises.
  5. Control and monitor all rear door access.
  6. Account for all back door keys.
  7. Only open the back door during day .
  8. Keep the back door locked and alarmed when not in use.
  9. Reduce signs on windows and overgrown bushes obstructing views from the street.
  10. Before leaving building, inspect restrooms, storage areas for potential intruders.

The tips and reminders are part of a complete security and, safety program. Following structured operating procedures help secure your business and give owners piece of mind and accountability.

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