Uniforms & Equipment


We keep you looking professional.


  • Short sleeve shirts for summer
  • Long sleeve shirts for winter
  • Pants
  • Security jacket

Officers are required to wear black leather shoes and black socks to complete the professional look of the uniform. Vet-Sec Protection Agency will accommodate a client’s request for additional uniform needs.

Post inspections by supervisors include a uniform inspection. Personal hygiene and hair length and style must be in keeping with Vet-Sec Protection Agency regulations. With the exception of watches and engagement/wedding rings, jewelry is forbidden. Any missing uniform articles are corrected immediately. Signs of uniform disrepair are reported to management and addressed prior to the next scheduled shift.

Currently, our supervisors and mobile patrol division use white vehicles with the Vet-Sec Protection Agency logo and “security” plainly marked. Each vehicle is equipped with hand-held alley lights. Security officers assigned to vehicle patrol are trained in the proper and lawful utilization and maintenance of these vehicles. This training includes state and local traffic laws and the proper usage of the alley lights.

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