Smart Sentry Stations


Smart Sentry Stations (S3s)

Vet-Sec’s Smart Sentry Stations (S3s) offer proactive, interactive mobile surveillance to large and small perimeters alike. S3s leverage human-like programmable intelligence to deter, secure and protect 360-degrees around, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

S3s help solve for:

  • Costs and challenges with subcontractor staffing
  • Filling gaps in scheduling
  • Shoring up spaces along your perimeter
  • Security for smaller budgets or short-term needs
  • Changing long-term or temporary policies

With S3’s technology and problem-solving capabilities, real-world scenarios include:

  • Use in tandem with guards to fully secure your area, building, site at up to 80% less hourly cost, while alerting guards when a breach is detected.
  • Easily relocate to throw off anyone casing the area, due to its wheels and light weight. No need for truck or trailer.
  • Monitor entry through doors, gates, pools, and more.
  • Cover “hot spots” or unsecured entry points.
  • Read license plates, badges, colors, and more to identify and deter unauthorized persons from entry, while sending immediate alerts to Vet-Sec’s security monitoring station.
  • Communicate warning messages as well as 2-way conversations.

Download our full details and spec sheet.

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S3 Real-World Gallery

Download our full details and spec sheet.

Schedule a call for a demo and quote based on your specific situation.

Customer Testimonials

The versatility of Vet-Sec’s S3 is amazing.  The self-contained units deployed quickly and easily and the advanced camera analytics made the unit effective whether I was in need of guarding a construction or park site, watching for suspicious persons, speeding vehicles or even unusual noises in the area of my sites.  When my needs changed, it was easy to re-deploy the S3 and set it up for its new assignment.

Commercial Client

Phoenix, Arizona

The S3 was a game changer for my company. By deploying Vet-Sec’s S3, we were able to reduce our reliance on a traditional guard force. Vet-Sec deployed the S3 quickly when and where we needed them and the analytic cameras provided more reliable alerting along with immediate intervention to events. All at a significant cost saving over a traditional guard force.

Security Director

Phoenix, Arizona

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