Security Guards.

Need a full-service security guard, mobile patrol and technology company? It’s what we do.

Specializing in industrial, commercial and HOA security, we provide the highest quality of security and service in the industry…24/7.

  • Plain clothes security as requested
  • Unarmed security
  • Armed security
  • Emergency response
  • Bike patrol Officers
  • Dispatch through our Security Operations Center-24/7
  • Any shift
  • Can combine traditional security program with mobile patrols and technology.

Customer Testimonials

I manage a large portfolio of commercial properties about the whole Las Vegas and Henderson area.  I have worked with Vet-Sec on various properties for the last 7 years.  I have also worked with many of their competitors over the years and must say that my preference is always to fall back on Vet-Sec.  I work closely with their branch manager in the Las Vegas market and feel I can reach out to him or others when I need them most, during events and after.  In some cases, I am able to provide their information to our tenants to be able to reach out directly for help and I have never had anyone complain about the response.   I have them posted on properties where we use both full time shifts and on properties where we have roving patrols and they handle both proficiently.   I consider Vet-Sec my preferred security vendor and the local Manager is the best Manager I have the opportunity to work with. 

Commercial Property Manager

Las Vegas, Nevada

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