5 Reasons for a Mall Security Guard

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Violent incidents that have taken place at shopping malls have filled media headlines in recent years. And although it isn’t feasible for shopping malls to have a force of police of their own, much of the same function can be effectively performed by a uniformed mall security guard. This article will serve as a primer of reasons why a shopping mall might seriously consider having a mall security guard.

1. A security guard is a visual deterrent. Having a uniformed security guard on duty serves as a visual deterrent for those who might be considering instigating trouble. The sight of someone who even resembles a police officer could very well cause trouble makers to take their plans elsewhere.

2. A security guard can be a good public relations. Shoppers who see a uniformed security guard on premises will feel that mall management is making an effort to keep them safer. Further, having a security guard who is personable can have a positive effect on the image of the mall towards shoppers.

3. A security guard is a safety officer. A security guard can perform all of the functions of management that management authorizes, such as the enforcement of mall rules. If, for example, a mall has a “No Pets Allowed” policy, but a patron brings a pet, the impact of a uniformed guard asking them to take the animal outside the confines of a mall might be much greater than with a person in plain clothes. Enforcement of prompt opening and closing rules for mall proprietors can also be handled by a security guard.

4. A security guard can offer return on the investment. Some insurance carriers offer significant savings on the premiums of those malls who have full-time security officers on duty. The reasons for this extends not only to law breakers, but fires and other safety incidents as well.

5. A security guard can be a witness. Many states require security guards to be licensed prior to working in that capacity. As part of their training, guards are taught what the laws say about certain crimes, such as what constitutes burglary, assault, and other matters that they might come into contact with in the duties. Having someone on duty in a mall who is familiar with the standards of these laws could prevent problems with issues such as false arrest and making sure that appropriate witnessing standards are followed better than someone without such training.

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