Building Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Key Security

It is your responsibility to maintain security.
Know which keys you have and to which locks.
Only have keys to facilities you need to access.
Never leave keys in a door lock.
Don’t loan keys out.
Don’t duplicate keys.
Report key loss.
Make sure that keys issued on a temporary basis are returned.
Return keys you don’t need or don’t use.

Locking Doors and Windows

Lock interior and exterior doors.
Check all doors and windows when you leave
Use alarms and sensory systems.
Avoid false alarms by understanding how alarm systems work.

Securing Office/Classroom Equipment

Use inventory control and keep detailed records.
Follow policies that are in place.
Tag and inventory property.
Help when moving equipment to ensure security of property.
Enter serial numbers and model numbers in records.
Never dispose of property without following necessary procedures.
Issue Property Removal Forms when loaning equipment.

Personal Security

Park in well-traveled, highly visible lots.
If it is dark, only use well-lit lots and walkways.
Don’t leave valuables in plain sight.
Walk with your car key out and ready.
Don’t walk alone.
Use escort services.
Know where emergency phones are, what they look like, and how to use them.

Securing Personal Equipment

Keep all equipment securely locked when not in use.
Lock doors and windows.
Lock laptop and personal computers in a secure cabinet.
Store documentation and computer manuals away from the equipment itself.
Secure software and program disks.
Propped Doors
Security and fire safety are compromised when doors are propped.
Remove item holding door open, close door, and throw away item.
Report broken doors immediately.

Reporting Crime
Notify police or security and be prepared to describe the situation or stolen item to an officer.
Report any new information immediately.
Report things that appear out of place or suspicious activity immediately.
Report solicitors immediately.
Be prepared to give accurate descriptions of race, age, sex, appearance, location, etc.

Petty Cash

Use a locked cash box.
Lock cash boxes in a desk drawer or cabinet when leaving the office.
Don’t let cash accumulate; set an amount at which it is to be deposited.

Operation Identification for Personal Items

Use engravers and identification stickers.
Use tracking software and PC marking systems.

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