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Choosing a Security Company

There is a long list of commercial security companies in Arizona. In today’s competitive market, most of your potential security providers will charge roughly the same for their services. So how should you select a security company? Here are a few recommendations, as well as a summary of some of the benefits of one of the providers, Veterans Security:

• Leadership. Is the company run by security professionals? Many companies are run by people who never put on a uniform and never had to arrest anyone. In military and police work this kind of experience is referred to as “experience in the trenches”. Until you have done the job, you aren’t really well qualified to tell others how to do it. A background in law enforcement, therefore, is a definite plus. At Veterans Security, all three of the founders have a military police background, as well as extensive security experience beginning at the bottom and working their way up.

 Employee selection. The hiring standards set by the company are a good indicator of the quality of employee you can expect them to provide. At Veteran’s Security, they do two things which assure the hiring of better personnel. (1) They require not just a high school diploma, but that potential employees can read at the 10th grade level. With so many high school diploma mills out there today, a diploma is really meaningless. Ensuring that employees can understand written orders is a common sense way of screening out employees who will require considerable supervision or cannot write a simple report. (2) They actively recruit former police officers and military veterans. These are men and women who have a proven work ethic, and most of whom have experience successfully handling confrontational situations in a professional manner.

 Experience and Growth. Veterans Security has been in business for 19 years, and has grown in size from a few employees to more than 500. You don’t experience growth like that unless you are doing something right.

 Common sense innovation. When response time is important, nobody wants a responder to be searching hurriedly through a map book to find how to get there. Veterans Security uses TomTom GPS technology to improve response times.

 Performance. Every company will say they are the best. Veterans Security is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has their highest, A+ rating.

Conclusion: Of all of the commercial security companies in Arizona, Veterans Security certainly has a lot to recommend it and should be on anyone’s short list when trying to select a security provider.

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