Security Officer Dovie Henderson presented with an award

VetSec News

On September 22nd, 2010, security officer Dovie Henderson was presented an award from the Las Vegas Police Department for preventing the escape of a homicide subject.

On 09/22/10 officer Dovie Henderson responded to an alarm call in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon arrival Officer Henderson proceeded to make contact with resident by knocking on the front door and checking the perimeter. Once contact could not be established officer Henderson returned to her vehicle to write a report for the homeowner. As officer Henderson went to place report on customer’s door, she heard someone trying to open it. After the subject opened the door, he started yelling “someone forced me to drink cleaning fluid and that he could not breathe”. Officer Henderson then engaged in conversation with the suspect and convinced him to let her call for medical help. Upon arrival by emergency personnel, subject started yelling “they killed her” it was only then that officer Henderson realized that there was another person that she had not seen in the house. Upon further investigation officer Henderson discovered the victim on the floor in the house. Once paramedics arrived, officer Henderson explained to them what she had witnessed. Subsequently, police investigate the scene and discovered that the subject officer Henderson first encountered was the individual responsible for the murder of the victim. The suspect was arrested and later confessed to the crime.

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