Security Officer jobs for veterans

Hiring Veterans, Security Officer

Veterans of the United States military have already proven they are reliable and have integrity. Those are also the same traits necessary for a private security professional. Security officer jobs for veterans make use of the skills and character developed in the armed services in a useful and secure civilian occupation.

The Services

Veterans Security offers services to private companies the areas of Phoenix, Las Vegas and Tucson. The company serves as the security presence for companies of all sizes that do not choose to maintain their own security forces.

The private security officers can be utilized as private patrols, often in marked cars to create a visible presence to deter problems, uniformed and plain clothed guards that maintain surveillance and monitor gates and doors and alarm response units.

Each of these types of security is integrated with commanding officers who communicate with and monitor the security force at all times.

Some specialized services include bike and foot patrols through areas where vehicles are not allowed and monitoring security cameras and other devices.

Applying for Security Jobs

Veterans Security is an equal opportunity employer but has some rigorous qualifications applicants must meet before being considered. This includes passing a federal background check, passing pre-employment drug testing, possessing a valid driver’s license with less than four points against it and have a positive reference and previous employment check. Those hired will also need to pass state testing required of private security officers.

The company currently considers only about three of every 10 applicants. Those hired undergo basic and advanced training conducted by the staff of Veterans Security. This training runs the gamut from security techniques to communications. This training helps veterans make the transition from the armed services to the unarmed security services of Veterans Security.

Security officer jobs for veterans are among the best fits for those that have served this country and now look to make the transition to civilian life.

On the Job

Training continues once the new private security officer is on the job. This varies depending on the job but can include specialty security functions such as retail theft prevention, crime scene security or performing background checks.

Other benefits include uniforms suitable for summer and winter as well as a cell phone or any other communications equipment necessary for the job.

Security officers that excel, can move into management and supervisory positions and receive training in those specialties as well.

This career path can start with a veteran making an application to Veterans Security.

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