Security patrol earnings and benefits vary according to how they are hired

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A security patrol’s earnings and benefits can vary greatly depending on how one gets hired. You could get hired through an agency that specializes on security patrol, a government agency or directly through a business. Read on if you are looking to get hired for security patrol.


Ways to be Hired as Security Patrol

While being on security patrol can be a risky job, working for the safety of others can also be the most rewarding career in the planet. If you are one of those who believe you can make a difference, being part of security patrol is the perfect job for you. Here are some ways that you can get hired:


  1. Security Patrol Agencies

The most common way to get hired as a security patrol employee is through an agency. You have to be careful though, because some agencies can offer the fewest benefits, the lowest wages and the highest responsibilities. But look on the bright side because when on a job hunt, agencies usually have the highest vacancies and because of that can be easy to get hired if you follow this route. Businesses usually go to agencies when they need security patrols because this way, they don’t need to screen new personnel. Most security companies handle all the basic stuff like drug testing, security clearance, and security training to ensure that the business is getting a decent security patrol employee. Those who are looking for security patrol jobs justify the caveats of working for an agency because here, they can easily get hired.

  1. Direct Hire

If you have the opportunity to get hired by a business, this could be a better option because they usually offer better benefits and higher wages and on top of that, your responsibilities are limited. Businesses are in constant need of security patrol so you will also find it easy to get hire if you follow this path. Since there are better benefits and higher wages in being directly hired by a business, you might find yourself in a steep competition with other takers.

  1. Government Agency

Another way to get hired as a security patrol is through a government agency. Here, you can expect stringent requirements regarding security clearance and drug testing. You may also be required to have a specific qualification and take a written exam. In most cases, working for the government carries a lot of benefits and higher wages compared to working for private institution.

You can also look for hiring from other organizations like churches, colleges, universities or apartment complexes. If you are apt to the task, you can even work as a bodyguard for prominent persons. These options can often provide competitive wages and benefits.

Veterans Security is a licensed agency through the Arizona Departments of Public Safety and by the Private Investigators Licensing Board in Las Vegas, NV. All potential security officers are subject to a rigorous pre-employment screening process prior to being hired. Any employee may be required at any time to take a physical examination as a condition of continued employment. All officers must meet several other requirements prior to employment.

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