Why should you, as a Las Vegas commercial property owner or property manager use security services in Las Vegas? Besides the obvious theft deterrent factor, there are multiple reasons for engaging the services of a security firm including:


Increased Marketability

If you are the owner or manager of an apartment or condominium complex, your properties will be more marketable with visible security on the premises. A uniformed guard or a marked car will offer prospective tenants or buyers peace of mind, increasing the value of the property in their subconscious mind.

For owners of commercial buildings or industrial complex managers, a security presence is a major selling point to prospective tenants. Not only will commercial or industrial tenants feel their buildings are more secure, they will feel their employees are safer.


Decreases the Possibility of Renting To Undesirable Tenants

Having security services in Las Vegas on site also shows prospective tenants or buyers that your building is well managed. This discourages potential tenants who may be undesirable, or wish to use the space for clandestine activities.


Better Security

Using a high quality security service that provides well-trained guards offers better protection for a commercial property or a residence than any technology can provide. Cameras, alarms, locks, and security lighting are important, but no security device can offer the decision-making ability of a human being. An experienced guard can spot suspicious activity, noticing a key holder is acting suspiciously while a lock cannot tell the difference.


Property owners and managers are not the only people using security services in Las Vegas. Increasingly, construction sites are having mobile patrols keep an eye on construction sites where equipment and materials makes a tempting target for thieves. Copper pipes are not all that thieves take from construction sites; brazen thieves will steal bulldozers and other heavy equipment if they feel they can get away with it.


Banks are also starting to use security patrols to cover neighborhoods where large numbers of expensive homes are in foreclosure. The real estate market is picking back up in as Vegas but a home that has been stripped of appliances and fixtures will be difficult for a bank to sell. Having a mobile security service pass by these houses on a regular basis helps banks protect their investment.


A Las Vegas security service can provide protection for a wide range of personal or commercial needs, offering better security and more visibility than any theft control technology or product on the market today.

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