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Are you in need of an alarm response provider? Veterans Security is the largest alarm response provider in the South Western United States. We respond to over 4,000 alarms per month with the fastest response time in the industry. Our 24 hour dispatch center is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and handles all of the communications between the alarm company(s) and the alarm responders on the road. This means fast response to any alarm call like burglary and other emergencies. No need to wait and feel helpless in the face of emergency because we are here to help you.

The Advantage Contracting With Veterans Security For Alarm Response

In the past, you can immediately expect a response from law enforcement agencies whenever you tip an alarm. Nowadays, with ordinances and policies that enforce non-response policies to non-verified alarms activation that may no longer be the case. These changes put businesses at risk of being targeted by malicious individuals and render them helpless. It is for this reason that Veteran Security alarm response was created—to provide public safety on demand. You don’t need to suffer this kind of predicament with Veterans Security because alarm response is our business and with us you can count on the following advantages:

  1. We contract with most of the national alarm companies. Our reputation precedes us because of the integrity that we perform. This reason why we are the first choice among business in the Nevada area when it comes to alarm response.
  2. Our 24 hour dispatch center is specifically designed for this type of service. No matter what hour of the day you tip that alarm, you can expect a quick response from us.
  3. Dispatch center uses the Tom Tom GPS tracking system which allows us to track our vehicles in real-time for closest dispatch and timely response. This allows us to deploy the nearest vehicle to your      location ensuring no delays.
  4. Dispatch center communicates directly into Tom Tom via the internet which creates a hands free environment for the responder (which reduces response time). This cutting edge technology allows us to have a robust communication system without any interference.
  5. Electronic record keeping ensures that your records are safe and secure. No need to shuffle papers which could get lost along the process.
  6. Electronic reporting as well as hard copy reporting ensures redundancy of reports. This is important for evidence purposes      when the need arises.
  7. A management team that has extensive experience in the alarm response industry handles all alarm responses. This ensures that      your alarm calls are handled by professionals and not some newbie who cannot appreciate your distress.


These are the advantages of Veterans Security alarm response. You don’t have to wait nor do you have to take matters into your own hands because we arrive right when you need us. For more information, contact us at 800-909-3628 or visit our website at

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