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Veterans Security combines the knowledge and experience of three former members of the United State military police force. Since 1994, the team of owners has worked to develop an Arizona security services company that now provides round the clock protection with 500 highly trained professionals. Clients receive the benefit of reduced costs and liability, increased visibility, use of the latest technology, and a large pool of qualified candidates who provide expert supervision of properties. Clients avoid the need to hire, train and supervise their own guard personnel.

Reducing Costs and Liability
Access to a comprehensive general liability insurance policy of $3,000,000 provides property and building owners assurance of coverage, and higher amounts are available if needed. The company also carries a $1,000,000 comprehensive automobile liability insurance policy to take care of accidents that cause damage or injury. Worker’s compensation insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 provides a safeguard against accidental injury to each guard. Property owners avoid having to pay insurance companies for the combined costs of these policies.

Increased Visibility
Deterrence is often an excellent way to lower the incidence of break ins, burglary, property damage and other nuisances. The presence of a guard on site is a strong deterrent to anyone who may desire to do harm. Word travels fast when a company obtains a security service, and it travels even faster when the service is provided by Veterans Security.

Use of the Latest Technology
The company uses GPS tracking for the guard division and the mobile patrol division to make sure that supervisors have a way to monitor officers throughout each shift. Investment in superior technology enables Veterans Security to stay ahead of the competition and on top of everything that happens. A command center that operates 24 hours of every day provides immediate response to requests from clients.

Large Pool of Qualified Candidates
Veterans provides the best trained and most highly qualified officers that are available anywhere, but the final decision on acceptable performance belongs to each client. Dispatchers can connect a client to any member of the management staff at any hour of the day or night.

Freedom from Personnel Duties
Veterans Security understands that business owners have plenty of difficult jobs to manage, and the supervision of security personnel adds one that is unnecessary. The management of trained security personnel is appropriately left to professionals who assign it the highest priority. Veterans Security maintains strategic partnerships with specialists who share core values, ensuring the availability of skill sets that allow the company to provide exceptional Arizona security services.

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